Events at Beroses

With hard and busy corporate life, most couples do not find the time to plan for vacations, holidays, activities and events with their special ones. Beroses engages couples in a wide range of vacations, events and activity-based recreation to help couples destress and create stronger bonds.

*Project H (Food Events)*

  1. Dinner
  2. Food Bazaar

*Project I (Cinema Events)*

  1. Movie Night
  2. Theater Productions
  3. Documentary Nights
  4. Night of Orchestra

*Project J (Getaways, Travel & Tourism)*

  1. Excursions & Tours
  2. Ship Cruising
  3. House Parties
  4. Beach Parties
  5. Beach Night-Overs
  6. Couples Vacation
  7. Camping in the Woods
  8. Expedition
  9. Treasure Hunt

*Project K (Fitness Events)*

  1. Healthwalk
  2. Sports & Games

*Project L (Recreation Events)*

  1. Art & Painting
  2. Salsa & Kizomba
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