Beroses International is a non-denominational marital education and counselling society that works with couples (marital, relationship and singles) and uses real-life experiences as case studies to improve the marriage institution. The name Beroses comes out of its flagship programs Bed of Roses.

Contribute to a stronger marriage institution through proactive and reactive support systems and the promotion of activity-based recreation.

—Our Mission

At Beroses, we believe marital happiness, health, well-being and fulfilment can be sustained by giving the marriage institution exclusive attention, influencing choices, triggering quality moments and addressing issues before they reach crisis points. Beroses presents a wide range of events and activity-based recreation with rich couple-networking to complement education and counselling efforts.

We operate through three arms aligned to the Beroses Commitment Triangle.

  1. Education
  2. Counselling, and
  3. Events
Beroses Commitment Triangle

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