Volunteer with us

If you love supporting the family system and love working with couples, relationships and events, this is your place! Volunteer as a Counsellor or Fellow, Steward, Intern or a Partner.

  1. Counsellors are experts who consult for members on marital issues, depression, undertake psychotherapies and offer general marital counsel. Counsellors are part-time workers and come in when they have reservations.
  2. Fellows are expert psychologists and counsellors who undertake research and create content for Beroses, serve as resource persons, speak on Beroses events and direct its central themes.
  3. Stewards are natural and fantastic organizers who volunteer a few hours of their time on Sunday afternoons, Saturdays or any day that is convenient on a wide range of projects including tourism, tv productions, house parties, dinner and many more.
  4. Interns support office and project work throughout the week. You can volunteer with us remotely or work from our offices for a period of 3 to 6-months. Every volunteer intern is assigned to work with a team of stewards. With our heavily projectized environment, you can be sure of gaining the experience you need for the world of work.
  5. Partners are influential people and organizations who support the growth of Beroses with their voice, platform or artifacts.

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